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  • Preaching Baptism Year Round 

    Shumard, James Bradley (University of tthe South, 2018-04)
    This paper both advocates and provides impetus and resources for preaching Baptism and The Baptismal Covenant throughout the year. People need to hear sermons on baptisms more often than when baptisms occur because first ...
  • Music as a Tool for Spiritual Formation 

    Keyse, Andrew Carl (University of the South, 2018-04)
    This project is about music and, specifically, how singing music in the Episcopal Church can be a tool for spiritual formation. I set out to see if others had been formed by music in the church in the same way I had been ...
  • For all the Saints: The Funeral Homily as Revelation of God Embodied 

    Brown, Nathan C. (University of the South, 2018-04)
    The following project aims to address a prevailing homiletical problem in funeral preaching today. The endeavor of funeral preaching is practiced most commonly in one of two ways. The funeral sermon is completely doctrinal, ...
  • Deification as an Argument for the Consubstantiality of the Son with the Father in the Writings of Athanasius of Alexandria 

    Stepp, Jonathan Leon (University of the South, 2018-04)
    Athanasius of Alexandria defended the innovative “homoousion” language in the Nicene Creed by means of his understanding of deification as God’s telos for humanity and twenty-first century theology in the United States ...
  • Epistemology and Authority: The Problem of the Criterion and the Primacy of Scripture 

    Caccese, Nicholas Michael (University of the South, 2018-04)
    Determining the ultimate authority for Christian doctrine is both an issue of fundamental importance and can be seen as a particular manifestation, in the field of theological inquiry, of a more general epistemological ...

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