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  • Place, Palimpsest, and Memory in Willa Cather's My Antonio 

    Stewart, Jennifer (University of the South, 2020-05)
    Since its inception, ecocriticism has evolved into a multifaceted critical literary theory. Of those facets, place-studies has emerged as a unique critical lens with which to examine not only physical place but also intimate ...
  • Teaching Wesleyan Grace in a Fractured Post-Modern Church in Central Appalachia 

    Meade, Peggy Lorene (University of the South, 2020-09)
    The United Methodist church in Central Appalachia--Holston Annual Conference in particular-- is a fractured, multi-cultural, multi-theological entity. This project is an effort to recognize the disparate ideologies ...
  • How Travel Informed the Artistry of James Merrill's Early-and-Middle-Period Poetry 

    Daniels, Forrest Leonard III (University of the South, 2019-08)
    From a very young age, James Merrill sought out and decided on a path in his personal and professional life that was purely individualistic. Beginning with his strained relationship with his father, Charles E. Merrill, the ...
  • Wilder Tower: A Novel 

    Fleissner, Ward (University of the South, 2020-05)
    Wilder Tower tells the story of a young woman from the Southern aristocracy who goes to work in an all-male newsroom in 1979. Two fellow reporters strive to win her—a romantic poet born into the wrong century and a sexually ...
  • Harrison Springs 

    Ray, Celeste (University of the South, 2014)

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