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    • Yellow Boy Drainage in Sewanee, Tennessee 

      Buist-Baker, Senemeh; Bui, Thao; Stuart, Meghan; Evans, John; Van de Ven, Chris (University of the South, 2011-04-29)
      Yellow boy forms from iron and manganese oxide precipitating out of stream water and occurs naturally in Sewanee, TN in the outlet streams of the Lake Cheston, Lake Dimmick, and Lake O’Donnell dams. Usually yellow boy ...
    • Yellowmoon Marketing internship 

      Walia, Roshni (University of the South, 2013-08)
    • You've Got Protest: The Effectiveness of the Internet As an Implement of Student Protest Movements 

      Mobley, Kayce (2009-12-09)
      Over the last decade, the use of the Internet has exploded worldwide. Consumers have discovered and developed innumerable uses for this innovation, and so it has affected economies greatly. Furthermore, because of its ...
    • Youth & Family Services internship 

      Roberts, Adam (University of the South, 2013-08)
    • Youth Group Mission 

      Cappleman, Matt (University of the South, 2012-08)
      Two mission trips to Costa Rica and rural Appalachia to build homes and work with teens to serve communities.
    • Zhuangzi - The Non - Post -Nietzschean Perspectivist 

      Atkinson, David (2002-04)
      It is not uncommon to find both Nietzsche and Zhuangzi referred to as perspectivists, or thinkers belonging to a variety of philosophical thought that supports the belief that truth is relative to perspective and perspective ...