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    • Latino/a Conceptions of Assertiveness: Preliminary Results from a Qualitative Study 

      Bardi, C. Albert; Chandrasekaran, Chetna; Clark, Sarah; Croasdaile, Lauren; Mates, Hadley; McNair, Caroline; Pickett, Leigh Anne (2010-04-15)
      Assertiveness has been defined as the verbal and nonverbal, direct expression of feelings (Gay, Hollandsworth & Galassi, 1975) and the positive, productive expression of one's needs, feelings, preferences or opinions ...
    • Preliminary Properties of a New Measure of Assertiveness, Strategic Assertiveness and Passivity 

      Mates, Hadley; Pickett, Leigh Anne; Bryson, Catherine; Robb, Jeannette; Bardi, C. Albert (University of the South, 2011-04-29)
      Extant measures (e.g. Rathus, 1973) conceptualize assertiveness as social boldness and frankness. Studies assessing minority groups in the U.S. (e.g., Hall & Beil-Warner, 1978) with a variety of measures of assertiveness ...