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    • Vernal Pools III: Phenology of Spotted Salamander Egg Laying 

      Wakefield, Katherine; Sadler, Callie; Bui, Thao; Higdon, Alexandria; McGrath, Deborah (University of the South, 2011-04-29)
      Ephemeral ponds serve as predator-free habitat for larvae of several amphibian species that would otherwise be consumed by fish. These temporary pools also contain a variety of crustaceans that provide food for growing ...
    • Yellow Boy Drainage in Sewanee, Tennessee 

      Buist-Baker, Senemeh; Bui, Thao; Stuart, Meghan; Evans, John; Van de Ven, Chris (University of the South, 2011-04-29)
      Yellow boy forms from iron and manganese oxide precipitating out of stream water and occurs naturally in Sewanee, TN in the outlet streams of the Lake Cheston, Lake Dimmick, and Lake O’Donnell dams. Usually yellow boy ...