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    • Did Hawkins Reveal a Blind Watchmaker? 

      Hoffman, Michael (2000-04)
      Over the last two thousand years, Christians, as well as other theists, have attempted to prove the existence of God. The motivations and expectations of these proofs have varied. In the Enlightenment, people believed that ...
    • Nature's Sacrament: The Epic of Evolution and a Theology of Sacramental Ecology 

      McDuffie, David (University of the South, 2017-05-11)
      The ‘Epic of Evolution’ is the scientific story that reveals that we live in an approximately 14 billion year old universe on a planet that is approximately 4.6 billion years old and that we are a part of the ongoing process ...
    • Swarm Dynamics and the Evolution of Antipredator Tactics 

      Cooper, Guy; Drinen, Douglas (2010-04-15)
      My work makes use of the Boids concept devised by Craig Reynolds in 1986. Boids is an artificial life algorithm that simulates the flocking or swarming behavior of certain species such as birds or fish. Each "boid" is ...