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    • Challenges and Resources of Survivors of Domestic Violence 

      Clark, Sarah; Hamby, Sherry (University of the South, 2011-04-29)
      Advocacy for battered women often focuses on physical danger, but more attention needs to be paid to other familial, financial, and emotional risks. Research to date has likewise paid little attention to victims’ strengths ...
    • Cyberbullying: The New Way to Bully 

      Clark, Sarah; Dashiell, Caroline; Ferrell, Elly; Lambert, Catherine; Logan, Laura; McManus, Johanna; McNaughton, Caitlin; Rolfe, Matney; Hamby, Sherry (University of the South, 2011-04-29)
      : To identify up-to-date trends in cyber-bullying and highlight the risks, consequences and contexts of cyberbullying in 2011. METHOD: We held four focus groups lasting approximately one hour each. A total of 45 ...
    • Institutional Injustice: An Under-explored Form of Trauma 

      Land, Jenna; Hamby, Sherry (University of the South, 2020)
      Objective: This study aims to explore institutional, systemic, and interpersonal injustices found in semi-structured interviews conducted in rural Appalachia. Method: Interviews from a previous study were reviewed for ...
    • Place-Based Strengths: Review & Assessment 

      Chen, Xiaodi; Hamby, Sherry (University of the South, 2021-05)
      This is the research project that I have done in my Independent study. The research evaluates and defines the main topics of psychology that relate to resilience and geography
    • A Review of Interventions That Promote Meaning in Life 

      Manco, Nicholas; Hamby, Sherry (University of the South, 2020)
      Increasing meaning in life in people undergoing various forms of trauma or adversity has shown promise as a means to improve well-being, coping mechanisms, and resilience. The purpose of this review was to characterize the ...
    • “That was the happiest time of my life”: Understanding Eco-Connections in Appalachian Communities 

      Montgomery, Katherine; Hamby, Lynnaya; Hamby, Sherry (University of the South, 2021-05-07)
      Objective: To further the psychological study of place and understand how eco-connections, the quality and strength of our relations to nature, can influence an individual’s wellbeing and impact their experience of ...