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    • Do early competitive outcomes have long-term consequences for cognitive ability in the Mangrove Rivulus? 

      Newton, Merrit; McGhee, Katie (University of the South, 2023-05-05)
      Individuals vary in their cognitive abilities for a number of reasons, one of which includes the influence of their early environment. Early social experiences and stressors can affect brain development, resulting in ...
    • How do males choose a mate in the Mangrove Rivulus? 

      Newton, Merrit; Guerra, Jeffrey; Nicotera, Cassie; McGhee, Dr. Katie (University of the South, 2022-04-07)
      Females often use male coloration, courtship displays, body size and armaments in their mate choice decisions in order to choose the highest quality mate. Although less often studied, males also show mate choice and often ...