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    Condensed Phase Engineering: From Molecular Structure to Physical Properties
    (2008-04-17) Dauer, Helen B.; Barker, Daniella M.; Bachman, Robert E.
    The observed physical properties of all materials are tied intimately to the underlying "molecular" and "supramolecular" structures - that is the arrangement of atoms into molecules and the arrangement of molecules into bulk materials. Consequently, control of these relationships is central to our ability to engineer new materials with enhanced properties. One interesting facet of this problem is the observation that a single compound can exhibit different properties based on differences in supramolecular aggregation in the condensed phase (i.e. polymorphism).
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    Exploratory Synthesis and Characterization of Various Metallotropic Liquid-Crystalline Halides
    (2008-04-17) Monks, Brendan M.; Green, Cain S.; Bachman, Robert
    Metallotropic liquid crystals represent a new class of exceptionally metal-rich ordered fluid materials. Building on earlier work of the Martin group we explored many different synthesis techniques for liquid crystal metal halides incorporating the following transition metals Mn, Co, and Ni. In addition to this we compared each of the complexes' molecular geometry and their similarities to each other. We went about this through the use of magnetic data, x-ray diffraction, and single crystal x-ray. Finally, we have proposed future research venues that can be undertaken, as well as the possible implications of our findings.