Recent Submissions

  • Synthesis and Characterization of Bipyridine-Based Platinum (II) Mesogens 

    Fried, Sarah; Taliaferro, Annie; Brahm, Erin (2010-04-15)
    Platinum (II) diimine complexes display a wide array of interesting physical properties, including luminescence, photoredox chemistry, polymorphism and polychromism. By coupling these chromophores to Guerbet alcohols we ...
  • A Comparison of Pelagic Invertebrate Communities in Vernal Pools and Lakes Around Sewanee, Tennessee 

    Loria, Stephanie; Donnell, Sarah; Hassell, Daven; Taylor, Jon (2010-04-15)
    Vernal pools are seasonally filled and therefore provide a predator free habitat for a diversity of invertebrates, such as salamanders and crustaceans that are normally consumed by fish in aquatic habitats such as lakes. ...
  • Differences Between Male and Female Division III Athletes in Eating Attitudes, Body Perception, and Reason for Exercise 

    Hague, Christopher (2010-04-15)
    With the continual focus on achievement and large training volumes, researchers have labeled collegiate athletes as a high risk group for eating disorders. Most research to date, however, has centered solely on female ...
  • Latino/a Conceptions of Assertiveness: Preliminary Results from a Qualitative Study 

    Bardi, C. Albert; Chandrasekaran, Chetna; Clark, Sarah; Croasdaile, Lauren; Mates, Hadley; McNair, Caroline; Pickett, Leigh Anne (2010-04-15)
    Assertiveness has been defined as the verbal and nonverbal, direct expression of feelings (Gay, Hollandsworth & Galassi, 1975) and the positive, productive expression of one's needs, feelings, preferences or opinions ...
  • Swarm Dynamics and the Evolution of Antipredator Tactics 

    Cooper, Guy; Drinen, Douglas (2010-04-15)
    My work makes use of the Boids concept devised by Craig Reynolds in 1986. Boids is an artificial life algorithm that simulates the flocking or swarming behavior of certain species such as birds or fish. Each "boid" is ...
  • Oak Regeneration in the Lake O'Donnell Watershed 

    Wolford, Deana; Smith, Ken; McGrath, Deborah; Nunley, Nicole (2010-04-15)
    Previous studies have examined the effects of thinning and fire on oak regeneration, and changes in oak-hickory forests are related to shifts in the fire disturbance regime and shade cast by mid- and understory vegetation ...
  • Equatorial Pacific Macronutrient Regimes and Autotrophic Biomass 

    Dixon, Paul (2010-04-15)
    Oceanic primary production plays an important role in the global carbon cycle. This project investigated the relationship between macronutrient concentration and primary production in the Eastern Equatorial Pacific Ocean. ...
  • Doran's Cove: Cultural Memory in the Landscape 

    Fowler, Rebecca (2010-04-15)
    This paper explores the vernacular architecture, genealogical landscapes, and community memories of Doran's Cove, a small rural settlement of southern Appalachia riding the state line between Alabama and Tennessee. Residents ...
  • Forest Restoration at Sewanee 

    Jeffers, Johnson; Smith, Ken (2010-04-15)
    Two methods used to restore oak-hickory forests include prescribed burning and the removal of non-native tree species. The objective of this study was to restore a 30-acre stand in Sewanee, Tennessee by removing non-native ...
  • Water-Soluble, Monolayer-Protected Quantum Dots 

    Miles, Deon; Giesen, Joseph A.; Henry, Elizabeth M.; Dale, April D.; Borchardt, Adrienne C. (2010-04-15)