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  • Differences Between Male and Female Division III Athletes in Eating Attitudes, Body Perception, and Reason for Exercise 

    Hague, Christopher (2010-04-15)
    With the continual focus on achievement and large training volumes, researchers have labeled collegiate athletes as a high risk group for eating disorders. Most research to date, however, has centered solely on female ...
  • Doran's Cove: Cultural Memory in the Landscape 

    Fowler, Rebecca (2010-04-15)
    This paper explores the vernacular architecture, genealogical landscapes, and community memories of Doran's Cove, a small rural settlement of southern Appalachia riding the state line between Alabama and Tennessee. Residents ...
  • Equatorial Pacific Macronutrient Regimes and Autotrophic Biomass 

    Dixon, Paul (2010-04-15)
    Oceanic primary production plays an important role in the global carbon cycle. This project investigated the relationship between macronutrient concentration and primary production in the Eastern Equatorial Pacific Ocean. ...
  • Forest Restoration at Sewanee 

    Jeffers, Johnson; Smith, Ken (2010-04-15)
    Two methods used to restore oak-hickory forests include prescribed burning and the removal of non-native tree species. The objective of this study was to restore a 30-acre stand in Sewanee, Tennessee by removing non-native ...
  • Oak Regeneration in the Lake O'Donnell Watershed 

    Wolford, Deana; Smith, Ken; McGrath, Deborah; Nunley, Nicole (2010-04-15)
    Previous studies have examined the effects of thinning and fire on oak regeneration, and changes in oak-hickory forests are related to shifts in the fire disturbance regime and shade cast by mid- and understory vegetation ...
  • Water-Soluble, Monolayer-Protected Quantum Dots 

    Miles, Deon; Giesen, Joseph A.; Henry, Elizabeth M.; Dale, April D.; Borchardt, Adrienne C. (2010-04-15)