Recent Submissions

  • Selective Harvesting at Sewanee 

    Dyson, David; Ouzts, Jesse (2006-04-22)
    Logging damage to residual trees left after a harvest in mixed upland hardwoods on the Cumberland Plateau in Sewanee, TN can be both common and extensive. The extent (frequency and severity) of such damage and an assessment ...
  • Fate of Farmland and Forest in Rural Tennessee 

    Gray, Mary Bruce; Hinkle, Megan; Merrill, Haley; McGrath, Deborah; Smith, Ken; Willis, Kevin (2006-04-28)
    Dunlap, TN is located in the Sequatchie Valley (Figure 1), and mining, timbering, and farming once sustained its economy. Currently, the townspeople actively recruit industry to boost employment and revenue. Recently, ...