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      73rd Civil District Court, Bexar County,Texas,San Antonio,TX [1]
      A Career Exploration (ACE) Internship [9]
      American Government [1]
      Answer phone calls, greated all visitors to the Congressman's office, set up congressional events through out the district [1]
      Answering constituent calls, conducting legislative research, sorting constituent mail, giving capital tours to TN residents [1]
      Answering phones/greeting vistors/ conducting tours of the capitol/ processing mail & attending hearings for the staff [1]
      Answering the phones & taking messages to actually handling & process casework [1]
      Appellate Division of the Public Defender's Office [1]
      Assist the department in its mission to foster growth,increase individual incomes & attract business to the Research is to aid key economic decision- makers & policy-makers in making informed decision concerning the formation & implementaion of projects for development so that they may be most effective in furthering the improving the quality of life for the people of TN. [1]
      Assisting the Staff Assistant & Press Assistant [1]
      Attend arraignments,Suppression hearings, postponement hearings, and numerous jury trials. [1]
      Business development project [1]
      Capital Hill [1]
      Center for Study of Presidency & Congress (ACE), Washington,DC [1]
      Charleston County Courts (ACE),Charleston,SC [1]
      Children's Advocacy Center [1]
      Collateral- free loans from financial institutions [1]
      Combating Poverty by alternative means [1]
      Communicating with Constituents [1]
      Congressional intern [1]