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  • Test 

    Test, Penny (2012)
  • Be the Change- Kenya 

    Walia, Roshni (University of the South, 2012-08)
    Before I started working with Be The Change- Kenya (BTCKE) on the 21st of May 2012, I though I knew exactly what I was getting into and what I would be doing there. I was to go in as a 'Program Intern,' and my duties were ...
  • Youth Group Mission 

    Cappleman, Matt (University of the South, 2012-08)
    Two mission trips to Costa Rica and rural Appalachia to build homes and work with teens to serve communities.
  • Lily Discernment Institute Jones Valley Teaching Farm Internship 

    Pfau, Stella (University of the South, 2012-08)
  • Finding Self-Worth, Being Grounded in Conviction 

    Miller, Hanna (University of the South, 2012-08)
    Since I was the Conference intern, during the first three weeks of my six-week internship, I was assigned tasks like making table tents for exhibitors, typing biographies for speakers, and editing the program book.Most ...
  • Research on the Efficacy of Payment for Ecosystem Services in Haiti Dept. of Environmental Studies at The University of the South 

    Watson, William (University of the South, 2012-08)
    I spent two and a half weeks in Haiti continuing prior projects and conducting interviews about the efficacy of our project idea with our partner organization in Haiti, Zanmi Agrikol and Zanmi Lasante of their school and ...
  • Lily Discernment Institution 2012 

    Darby, Katherine (University of the South, 2012-08)
    Interned at a shelter home for women recovering from addiction and prostitution and provided therapy, counseling, opportunities for work etc. Also managing budgets, organizing meetings and grant writing.
  • Comfort the Children International, Kenya 

    Schaubroeck, Caleb (University of the South, 2012-08)
    As the name suggests,the orginal focus of the organization largely involved taking care of Kenyan children with mental or physical disabilites within Maai Mahiu community. The program began to evolve once of need adequately ...
  • Tennessee Department of Children's Services: Coffee County 

    Hutton, Ezmee (University of the South, 2012-08)
  • Dolma Jewelry 

    Peacock, Sarah (University of the South, 2012-08)
    During this intership, I wore many hats. Since the company is so small, I was able to do tasks from marketing to jewelry making. I photographed the jewlery for the website, catalogued flyers and other brochures. I created ...
  • Sewanee Psychology Department 

    Crawford, Cameron (University of the South, 2012-08)
    Worked as the research assistant to Dr. Karen Yu to continue research of a Yale started cognitive phenomena.
  • Columbia Museum of Art in Columbia 

    Mills, Sara (University of the South, 2012-08)
  • Franklin County Community Reentry Program 

    Stocker, Haley (University of the South, 2012-08)
    This internship really just confirmed my life's calling for me, which is working with criminal populations. This internship allowed me to see the diverse groups that make up this country's inmates. The pattern I observed ...
  • Blue Monarch Internship 

    Rogers, Katherine (University of the South, 2012-08)
  • Domain Archaeology 

    Millar, Jane (University of the South, 2012-08)
    The main focus of my internship was the documentation of Fulford Cottage, a historic home site on campus, before its demolition.
  • Joseph's Garden and the Sewanee Organic Garden 

    Hill, Jonas (University of the South, 2012-08)
  • The University of the South, Dept. of Chemistry 

    Klus, Nick (University of the South, 2012-08)
    Internship at Sewanee under Dr. Alyssa Summers in an attempt to elucidate the function of HDAC3 in a variety of situations.
  • Neuroscience Research 

    Joca, Lauren (University of the South, 2012-08)
    The research examined the effects of methamphetamine exposure in early adolescence on late adolescent and adult mouse behavior and brain function.
  • Environmental Studies Archaeology Intern Date published or presented: 2013-03-05 

    Niquette, Mason (University of the South, 2012-08)
    My research focused on rock features which are located all over the Domain. These rock features are basically piles of loose, native stone that have been obviously placed in formations by humans. According to some preliminary ...
  • Energy Conservation and Building Efficiency at the University of the South 

    Long, Jordan (University of the South, 2012-08)
    In the most general sense, the Office of Sustainability consists of faculty and staff working to decrease Sewanee's environmental impact and create a broader student awareness and interest in environmental stewardship.