Recent Submissions

  • Unsprung 

    Holbert, Gentry Lankewicz (University of the South, 2021-05)
    Unsprung is a collection of poetry threading themes of awakening, uncoiling, and unfolding as part of the transformative process of discovering poetic voice experienced in the School of Letters Program. The word “unsprung” ...
  • Place, Palimpsest, and Memory in Willa Cather's My Antonio 

    Stewart, Jennifer (University of the South, 2020-05)
    Since its inception, ecocriticism has evolved into a multifaceted critical literary theory. Of those facets, place-studies has emerged as a unique critical lens with which to examine not only physical place but also intimate ...
  • How Travel Informed the Artistry of James Merrill's Early-and-Middle-Period Poetry 

    Daniels, Forrest Leonard III (University of the South, 2019-08)
    From a very young age, James Merrill sought out and decided on a path in his personal and professional life that was purely individualistic. Beginning with his strained relationship with his father, Charles E. Merrill, the ...
  • Wilder Tower: A Novel 

    Fleissner, Ward (University of the South, 2020-05)
    Wilder Tower tells the story of a young woman from the Southern aristocracy who goes to work in an all-male newsroom in 1979. Two fellow reporters strive to win her—a romantic poet born into the wrong century and a sexually ...
  • Weeds 

    Snyder, Dorothy Potter (University of the South, 2019-05)
    Weeds is an eclectic collection of first stories, a kind of sampler like the old-fashioned flower-bordered alphabets young women once embroidered as demonstrations of their needlework. The present sampler, however, is ...
  • Inselberg 

    Kesler, Jason (University of the South, 2019-05)
  • The Fall Line and Other Stories 

    Gates, Carly (University of the South, 2018)
    “The Fall Line and Other Stories,” a collection of five pieces of short fiction, explores women’s perspectives throughout several decades and ideas related to reproductive rights, feminist issues, and loss. These stories ...
  • Up from Down Under: A Short Story Collection 

    Rogers, N. Abigail (University of the South, 2018)
    "Up from Down Under” is a collection of realist stories with an occasional smattering of magical realism. This collection seeks to demonstrate what happens when characters impose their imaginations on their environment or ...
  • The Ghost Girl 

    Dodrill, Davin James (University of the South, 2018)
    Seven years ago, the dynamics of my life changed dramatically. My mother died, followed three months later by my wife, Rhonda, from ovarian cancer. My father who slipped into the sad journey of dementia was next. Because ...
  • Heaven Lee and Other Stories from Caney Hollow 

    Crane, David (University of the South, 2018)
  • Five Parties 

    Marks, Sam (University of the South, 2018)
    “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” --James Arthur Baldwin How is the past dealt with? Or perhaps more aptly not dealt with? In this novella, weighing the ...
  • Role Play and Other Stories 

    Ula, Emily Anderson (University of the South, 2017)
    Role Play and Other Stories navigates the displacement and bi-cultural identity of an Albanian immigrant family. Moments of surprising strength, defiance, and compassion redefine a history marked by despair, misunderstandings, ...
  • Whitman's Self-Prescribed Sounds 

    Ula, Fran (University of the South, 2017)
    Argues Whitman’s journey is a spiritual attempt at expanding the boundaries of self, particularly as illustrated in “Song of Myself” as it contrasts to “Song of Songs.” Further contends Whitman’s poetic experimentation is ...
  • Dorothy's Daughter 

    Bennett, Gloria Ludlam (University of the South, 2017)
    I was home alone on the evening of September 14, 2015. Clay, my husband, was out of town on business, and our youngest daughter, Rebecca, had gone out for dinner with friends. To pass the time, I was watching TV and snuggling ...
  • My Old Kentucky Home: A Maze in Grace 

    Beard, Charles Moorman (University of the South, 2016)
    My Old Kentucky Home: A Maze in Grace is a lengthy, whimsical circular definition of the life of the narrator who is constantly referred to as the old man upstairs. It is a story of the old man upstairs, a semi-paralyzed, ...
  • The Hollywood Mafia 

    Ciarella, Shanna (University of the South, 2016)
    The Hollywood Mafia is a novel-in-progress that focuses on one woman’s desire to redeem her family’s legacy by seeking revenge on a sect of the Italian Mafia, called The Six, who took out a hit on her father when she was ...
  • Components of Transformation: Exploring Memory, Humility, and Sacrament To Find Resolution in the Novels of Walker Percy 

    Anderson, William Case (University of the South, 2016-05)
    The aim of this study is to investigate the nature of protagonistic transformation in the six novels of Walker Percy. Because Percy’s works of fiction are so notedly open-ended, and because the final spiritual, emotional, ...
  • Lena in Lent and Other Stories 

    Karns, Janet Patterson (University of the South, 2016-05)
    “Lena in Lent and Other Stories,” a collection of eight pieces of short fiction, explores ideas of desire, agency, obligation, faith, isolation, and community. The first four stories in the collection, the Lena stories, ...
  • Literary Insurgency 

    Kennedy, Catherine Louise (University of the South, 2014-06)
    Any reader of Tobias Smollett’s novel Humphry Clinker will notice that, during the expedition, humor seems to exist more consistently and with greater frequency in the sections devoted to England in comparison to the more ...
  • Bright Monday 

    Penney, Catherine (University of the South, 2013-05)

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