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    • Bright Monday 

      Penney, Catherine (University of the South, 2013-05)
    • Building Worlds with Both Hands: Mythography in Twentieth-Century African American Literature 

      Hutcheson, Cory (University of the South, 2013-05)
      While location-specific literature, such as Faulkner’s Yoknapatawpha novels, exists in a variety of cultural forms, twentieth-century African American authors have produced some of the finest examples of novels set in a ...
    • Casting Nets 

      Gunkel, Kay Exley (University of the South, 2012-05)
      Casting Nets is a collection of thirteen short stories each with a protagonist who clings fiercely to her (or, in a few cases, his) individuality. Ten of the thirteen stories are set in Savannah, Georgia, a coastal small ...
    • Christopher Sinclair 

      Cotten, Andrew Peabody (University of the South, 2021-04-24)
      Home after a year-long mission abroad, the novel’s eponymous hero is eager to continue his work with the Sons of Liberty, but a radical splinter group within the organization threatens to erase everything he and his ...
    • Class Rules: A Teacher Remembers 

      Bryan, Kelly (University of the South, 2014-05)
      This memoir collection centers on rules, work, and class divisions. The three pieces track a personal journey of learning the rules to ignore, the rules to break, and the rules to honor—all in the face of class rules that ...
    • Components of Transformation: Exploring Memory, Humility, and Sacrament To Find Resolution in the Novels of Walker Percy 

      Anderson, William Case (University of the South, 2016-05)
      The aim of this study is to investigate the nature of protagonistic transformation in the six novels of Walker Percy. Because Percy’s works of fiction are so notedly open-ended, and because the final spiritual, emotional, ...
    • Dollars and Nonsense: Women at Work 

      Grissom, Candace (University of the South, 2012-05)
      Dollars and Nonsense: Women at Work is a collection of creative nonfiction essays based on the personal experiences of Candace U. Grissom and the women in her family. Intended to be both truthful and humorous, the four ...
    • Dorothy's Daughter 

      Bennett, Gloria Ludlam (University of the South, 2017)
      I was home alone on the evening of September 14, 2015. Clay, my husband, was out of town on business, and our youngest daughter, Rebecca, had gone out for dinner with friends. To pass the time, I was watching TV and snuggling ...
    • The Fall Line and Other Stories 

      Gates, Carly (University of the South, 2018)
      “The Fall Line and Other Stories,” a collection of five pieces of short fiction, explores women’s perspectives throughout several decades and ideas related to reproductive rights, feminist issues, and loss. These stories ...
    • A Farewell Symphony 

      Whitehead, Cheryl (University of the South, 2011-05)
      A Farewell Symphony has four major themes which weave together like a kind of documentary symphony. The themes are: the writer’s family, her work as a public school teacher in inner city Miami, her relationship with a ...
    • Faulkner’s Folly Views on the Future of Race Relations From a “Liberal” Southerner 

      Jones Archibald, Laura (University of the South, 2019-03)
      Scholars agree that William Faulkner’s novels are groundbreaking in their representation of race relations. While Faulkner was indeed ahead of his time, among white writers, in his willingness to confront the atrocities ...
    • Five Parties 

      Marks, Sam (University of the South, 2018)
      “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” --James Arthur Baldwin How is the past dealt with? Or perhaps more aptly not dealt with? In this novella, weighing the ...
    • The Ghost Girl 

      Dodrill, Davin James (University of the South, 2018)
      Seven years ago, the dynamics of my life changed dramatically. My mother died, followed three months later by my wife, Rhonda, from ovarian cancer. My father who slipped into the sad journey of dementia was next. Because ...
    • The Give 

      Pedigo, DeAnna Marie (University of the South, 2021-09-01)
      This manuscript represents a progression from adolescence into adulthood with branching poetry narratives that focus on cultural and family dysphoria, the grief of loss, and coming to terms with sexuality and same-sex ...
    • Going Home 

      Leroy, Rachel Van Horn (University of the South, 2011-05)
      The poems in this thesis chronicle continuous attempts to return home spiritually, emotionally, and literally through various cycles of existence. I trace the layered metaphor “going home” through the entire collection. ...
    • Harmony House: Stories 

      Wilkinson, Kelly (University of the South, 2014-05)
      The collection of stories in Harmony House is linked by setting and characters. A vintage house in New Orleans is converted into four apartments rented by young professionals who grapple with problems that often trouble ...
    • Heaven Lee and Other Stories from Caney Hollow 

      Crane, David (University of the South, 2018)
    • The Hollywood Mafia 

      Ciarella, Shanna (University of the South, 2016)
      The Hollywood Mafia is a novel-in-progress that focuses on one woman’s desire to redeem her family’s legacy by seeking revenge on a sect of the Italian Mafia, called The Six, who took out a hit on her father when she was ...
    • How Travel Informed the Artistry of James Merrill's Early-and-Middle-Period Poetry 

      Daniels, Forrest Leonard III (University of the South, 2019-08)
      From a very young age, James Merrill sought out and decided on a path in his personal and professional life that was purely individualistic. Beginning with his strained relationship with his father, Charles E. Merrill, the ...
    • Inselberg 

      Kesler, Jason (University of the South, 2019-05)