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    • Inselberg 

      Kesler, Jason (University of the South, 2019-05)
    • The Law Whistles: A Case Study of the Trials of Hermione and Perdita in The Winter's Tale 

      West, Kimberly Redman (University of the South, 2011-05)
      The trial scenes at the heart of The Winter’s Tale present powerful metatheatrical episodes that also serve as legal exemplars in the use (or misuse) of evidence and argument. Legal analysis of this text yields surprising ...
    • Lena in Lent and Other Stories 

      Karns, Janet Patterson (University of the South, 2016-05)
      “Lena in Lent and Other Stories,” a collection of eight pieces of short fiction, explores ideas of desire, agency, obligation, faith, isolation, and community. The first four stories in the collection, the Lena stories, ...
    • Listening to the “Roar Which Lies on the Other Side of Silence”: Narration, Subjectivity, and Selfhood in Villette and Middlemarch 

      Keim, Carita Beth (University of the South, 2021-04-19)
      This is a thesis about women authors and the subjectivity of their protagonists and narration. In looking at Charlotte Brontë’s Villette and George Eliot’s Middlemarch, I seek to answer a few questions. How does subjective ...
    • Literary Insurgency 

      Kennedy, Catherine Louise (University of the South, 2014-06)
      Any reader of Tobias Smollett’s novel Humphry Clinker will notice that, during the expedition, humor seems to exist more consistently and with greater frequency in the sections devoted to England in comparison to the more ...
    • The Milk Tree 

      Harding, Lindsey (University of the South, 2011-05)
      The Milk Tree is a collection of eight short stories that explore types of people and what makes individuals within these types particular and extraordinary, even as they cling to the stereotypes that limit and define them. ...
    • My Old Kentucky Home: A Maze in Grace 

      Beard, Charles Moorman (University of the South, 2016)
      My Old Kentucky Home: A Maze in Grace is a lengthy, whimsical circular definition of the life of the narrator who is constantly referred to as the old man upstairs. It is a story of the old man upstairs, a semi-paralyzed, ...
    • Naturalism Meets Classicism: The Training and Early Shakespearean Career of Dame Judi Dench 

      Brewer, Donna Douglas (University of the South, 2014-05)
      After practically growing up on stage in York, Judi Dench studied acting at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London, where she graduated in 1957 and immediately began acting professionally with the city’s pre-eminent ...
    • Place, Palimpsest, and Memory in Willa Cather's My Antonio 

      Stewart, Jennifer (University of the South, 2020-05)
      Since its inception, ecocriticism has evolved into a multifaceted critical literary theory. Of those facets, place-studies has emerged as a unique critical lens with which to examine not only physical place but also intimate ...
    • Roads with Mirrors: Seven Interconnected Short Stories 

      Hogue, Sandra Van Pelt (University of the South, 2011-05)
      Roads With Mirrors is a collection of seven interconnected short stories. The collection represents a short story cycle (sometimes referred to as a story sequence or composite novel). Each story is unique and stands ...
    • Role Play and Other Stories 

      Ula, Emily Anderson (University of the South, 2017)
      Role Play and Other Stories navigates the displacement and bi-cultural identity of an Albanian immigrant family. Moments of surprising strength, defiance, and compassion redefine a history marked by despair, misunderstandings, ...
    • Searches for Truth in the Age of Lies 

      Hight, Gordon (University of the South, 2019)
      As rapidly as technology has spurred the creation, assimilation, and distribution of information, so too have Americans grown more polarized, more apt to choose ideology over facts, and more resistant to constructive ...
    • Shifting 

      Singletary, Ione Michele (University of the South, 2019)
      This collection of poems is about love and loss. It spans over 35 years, from the death of my father to the death of my mother 33 years later, and much in between. As I age and experience more and more loss, I have learned ...
    • Singing Iris 

      Dunmeyer, Wendy (University of the South, 2012-05)
      “Singing Iris” loosely interprets the concept of Dreaming to examine how ancestry, places, losses, and rebirths echo within a person’s life. “Dreaming” refers to an indigenous Australian tribe’s or individual’s unique ...
    • Something Left Behind 

      Woolwine, Patricia (University of the South, 2022)
      A collection of poetry that explores what is left behind as one goes through the process of grief: The story of a personal loss and the journey from the beginning lost days to hope.
    • Sustenance: A Novel-in-Progress 

      Williams, Victoria (University of the South, 2011-05)
      Sustenance explores the world of brokenness in its characters and their progress toward a redefined wholeness. The narrative moves between two characters: Hannah, a 13-year old trying to make sense of her family's new ...
    • "This World is Not His World": Disability and Marginalization in the Novels of William Faulkner 

      Connolly, Gregory (University of the South, 2020-05)
      The novels of William Faulkner are populated with physically and mentally exceptional characters, offering diverse portraits of disability. This thesis employs the critical lens of disability studies to examine a distinct ...
    • Thresholds 

      Parker, Donald (University of the South, 2012-05)
      This collection of poems is about thresholds, some crossed naturally in the process of birth in a particular time, family, place, and with certain accompanying circumstances. Other thresholds are approached knowingly, with ...
    • Too Tall to Be a Hobbit, Too Short to Be an Elf 

      Lynch, Christy (University of the South, 2022)
      What follows is a memoir of obsession, escapism, and the Lord of the Rings. For the first two decades of my life, I was fanatically religious. My interests, opinions, and desires were all determined by the fundamentalist ...
    • Unsprung 

      Holbert, Gentry Lankewicz (University of the South, 2021-05)
      Unsprung is a collection of poetry threading themes of awakening, uncoiling, and unfolding as part of the transformative process of discovering poetic voice experienced in the School of Letters Program. The word “unsprung” ...