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    • Too Tall to Be a Hobbit, Too Short to Be an Elf 

      Lynch, Christy (University of the South, 2022)
      What follows is a memoir of obsession, escapism, and the Lord of the Rings. For the first two decades of my life, I was fanatically religious. My interests, opinions, and desires were all determined by the fundamentalist ...
    • Water Music: Stories 

      Clay Shanahan, Lisa (University of the South, 2022)
      Characters confront pivotal moments, their lives and times defined by flux, in “Water Music,” a collection of short fiction. A visitor arrives, inciting change: a betrayal, a ghost, a violent act, a suicide plan, destruction ...
    • Something Left Behind 

      Woolwine, Patricia (University of the South, 2022)
      A collection of poetry that explores what is left behind as one goes through the process of grief: The story of a personal loss and the journey from the beginning lost days to hope.
    • Faulkner’s Folly Views on the Future of Race Relations From a “Liberal” Southerner 

      Jones Archibald, Laura (University of the South, 2019-03)
      Scholars agree that William Faulkner’s novels are groundbreaking in their representation of race relations. While Faulkner was indeed ahead of his time, among white writers, in his willingness to confront the atrocities ...
    • Wonderful Suffering 

      Elliott, Alissa (University of the South, 2019)
      When I began the MFA program at the Sewanee School of Letters, I wasn’t sure which genre I would write in, but I knew what story I wanted to tell. I was struggling through the onset of Bipolar II as a college sophomore ...
    • Searches for Truth in the Age of Lies 

      Hight, Gordon (University of the South, 2019)
      As rapidly as technology has spurred the creation, assimilation, and distribution of information, so too have Americans grown more polarized, more apt to choose ideology over facts, and more resistant to constructive ...
    • Shifting 

      Singletary, Ione Michele (University of the South, 2019)
      This collection of poems is about love and loss. It spans over 35 years, from the death of my father to the death of my mother 33 years later, and much in between. As I age and experience more and more loss, I have learned ...
    • "This World is Not His World": Disability and Marginalization in the Novels of William Faulkner 

      Connolly, Gregory (University of the South, 2020-05)
      The novels of William Faulkner are populated with physically and mentally exceptional characters, offering diverse portraits of disability. This thesis employs the critical lens of disability studies to examine a distinct ...
    • The Give 

      Pedigo, DeAnna Marie (University of the South, 2021-09-01)
      This manuscript represents a progression from adolescence into adulthood with branching poetry narratives that focus on cultural and family dysphoria, the grief of loss, and coming to terms with sexuality and same-sex ...
    • Listening to the “Roar Which Lies on the Other Side of Silence”: Narration, Subjectivity, and Selfhood in Villette and Middlemarch 

      Keim, Carita Beth (University of the South, 2021-04-19)
      This is a thesis about women authors and the subjectivity of their protagonists and narration. In looking at Charlotte Brontë’s Villette and George Eliot’s Middlemarch, I seek to answer a few questions. How does subjective ...
    • Christopher Sinclair 

      Cotten, Andrew Peabody (University of the South, 2021-04-24)
      Home after a year-long mission abroad, the novel’s eponymous hero is eager to continue his work with the Sons of Liberty, but a radical splinter group within the organization threatens to erase everything he and his ...
    • Unto Thee Shall All Flesh Come 

      Burger, Timothy Hinton (University of the South, 2021-08-13)
      This thesis was born from two summers on The Mountain, one learning via ZOOM, an Independent Study with the Director, inspiring classes and faculty: and a supportive, nurturing, challenging, and inspirational advisor. It ...
    • Unsprung 

      Holbert, Gentry Lankewicz (University of the South, 2021-05)
      Unsprung is a collection of poetry threading themes of awakening, uncoiling, and unfolding as part of the transformative process of discovering poetic voice experienced in the School of Letters Program. The word “unsprung” ...
    • Place, Palimpsest, and Memory in Willa Cather's My Antonio 

      Stewart, Jennifer (University of the South, 2020-05)
      Since its inception, ecocriticism has evolved into a multifaceted critical literary theory. Of those facets, place-studies has emerged as a unique critical lens with which to examine not only physical place but also intimate ...
    • How Travel Informed the Artistry of James Merrill's Early-and-Middle-Period Poetry 

      Daniels, Forrest Leonard III (University of the South, 2019-08)
      From a very young age, James Merrill sought out and decided on a path in his personal and professional life that was purely individualistic. Beginning with his strained relationship with his father, Charles E. Merrill, the ...
    • Wilder Tower: A Novel 

      Fleissner, Ward (University of the South, 2020-05)
      Wilder Tower tells the story of a young woman from the Southern aristocracy who goes to work in an all-male newsroom in 1979. Two fellow reporters strive to win her—a romantic poet born into the wrong century and a sexually ...
    • Weeds 

      Snyder, Dorothy Potter (University of the South, 2019-05)
      Weeds is an eclectic collection of first stories, a kind of sampler like the old-fashioned flower-bordered alphabets young women once embroidered as demonstrations of their needlework. The present sampler, however, is ...
    • Inselberg 

      Kesler, Jason (University of the South, 2019-05)
    • The Fall Line and Other Stories 

      Gates, Carly (University of the South, 2018)
      “The Fall Line and Other Stories,” a collection of five pieces of short fiction, explores women’s perspectives throughout several decades and ideas related to reproductive rights, feminist issues, and loss. These stories ...
    • Up from Down Under: A Short Story Collection 

      Rogers, N. Abigail (University of the South, 2018)
      "Up from Down Under” is a collection of realist stories with an occasional smattering of magical realism. This collection seeks to demonstrate what happens when characters impose their imaginations on their environment or ...