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  • Safety and Consent on College Campus 

    Kelly, Gracen; Fisher, Terri (University of the South, 2020)
    In this study I am taking a close look into how students feel regarding sexual assault, safety, and administrative policy on the Sewanee campus. Participants are provided an online survey consisting of 53 questions covering ...
  • Documenting Victims of War Crimes: Ethical Considerations 

    Straessle, Abby (University of the South, 2020)
    Bombs explode as children scamper to school. Political prisoners escape torture and seek the safety of allies. All the while, Bashar al-Assad holds a death grip on Syria in a last gasp attempt to hold on to power. In the ...
  • Community Perceptions of Aid to the Informal Economy: A Comparison of Cases in Rural Haiti and Cameroon 

    Leveque, Bernice; Ngo, Crystal; McGrath, Deborah; Monteil, Marc (University of the South, 2020)
    The informal economy consists of economic activity not regulated nor protected by a state entity. It plays a vital role in reducing unemployment and stimulating the economies of many countries in the Global South. In ...
  • Sexual Identification and the Effects on Ally Identity 

    Kelly, Gracen; Fisher, Terri (University of the South, 2020)
    In this study, I have examined whether the way someone is asked about their sexual orientation affects their subsequent answers regarding feelings about people in different minority groups. In an online study administered ...
  • Gamma Gamma Coincidence 

    Kerrigan, David (University of the South, 2020)
    Gamma gamma coincidences occur from radioactive materials decaying into more stable nuclei and can only be seen with specific lab equipment. These coincidences are interactions between various particles, like electrons, ...
  • The Narcissism of the Second Family Bestiary 

    Atkins, Bramwell (University of the South, 2020)
    In the mid-twentieth century, an American poet named Wallace Stevens wrote a poem, at once cute and profound, called “A Rabbit as King of the Ghosts”. What’s remarkable about this poem is how deftly the poet enters into ...
  • The Effects of Education on Unemployment 

    Chan, Wen Hao; Vaughn, Abbie (University of the South, 2020)
    This is a poster for our Economics thesis by Eddie Chan and Abbie Vaughn on the effects of education on unemployment
  • Traditional and Redefined Success of the Janissary Corps 

    Mathews, Charles (University of the South, 2020)
    If you were an Austrian, Hungarian, Venetian, or frankly any soldier fighting during the fifteenth to seventeenth century, there were few enemies you would fear facing more than the Ottoman Janissary. The Janissaries Corps ...
  • Simulation of Shor’s Algorithm 

    Saling, Brennan (University of the South, 2020)
    A Quantum Computing simulation of the commonly cited Shor’s Algorithm. In order to have a better understanding of the inner workings of a Quantum Computer, it’s future applications, and the current and future limitations ...
  • U.S. Outsourcing Effects on Welfare of Underdeveloped/Developing Countries 

    McKee, Samuel; Dorfman, Charles; Young, Ryan (University of the South, 2020)
  • Creating Smoke-free Campuses: A Comprehensive Research Manual for The University of the South 

    Sweetin, Caroline (University of the South, 2020)
    This presentation identifies the existing need for smoke and tobacco-related policies and resources at Sewanee: The University of the South. Research has continued to demonstrate the harmful health effects of using tobacco ...
  • Invasion of Chinese Tallow along a dune chronosequence on Sapelo Island, Georgia 

    Burress, George (University of the South, 2020)
    Chinese tallow, coastal dune, Sapelo island, succession, chronosequence, invasive species, hurricane disturbance Regimes of frequent disturbance facilitate the spread of invasive species. Hurricanes striking the ...
  • Does paying more for a college education produce a higher future wage? 

    Loeb, Hayden; Kunkel, Margaret; Brennan, Harriet (University of the South, 2020)
    Have you ever wondered if investing more of your time and money to attend a more prestigious institution makes for a better financial future? Our paper examines the long-term effects of college qualities on earnings of ...
  • Particulate Air Pollutants Exacerbate Polyglutamine Aggregation in C. elegans 

    Dagnachew, Mesgana; Green, Emily; Kikis, Elise (University of the South, 2020)
    The proteostasis network refers to the biochemical pathways that together regulate protein synthesis, transport, folding, and degradation. Functional decline in the proteostasis network activity results in protein misfolding, ...
  • The Effects of Necroptosis in Bone Marrow Inflammation in Mouse Models of Myelodysplastic Syndromes 

    Green, Emily; Dugger, Teresa; Hassan, Yuliya; Ramos-Narváez, Michelle; Zinkel, Sandra (University of the South, 2020)
    Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) are a group of conditions that result when blood-forming cells in the bone marrow function abnormally and result in low numbers of one or more types of blood cells. MDS is a form of blood ...
  • Remittances and HDI 

    Olcoz-Amaya, Kevin (University of the South, 2020)
    ABSTRACT. This paper’s purpose is to evaluate how remittances compare to other sources of aid, namely foreign direct investment (FDI) and official developmental assistance (ODA), in its effect on the Human Development Index ...
  • The observation of spontaneous ionic currents in sea urchin protractor muscle 

    Schieber, Marq; Besh, Jordan; Sheley, Christopher (University of the South, 2020)
    Sea urchins utilize a complex set of masticatory muscles that surround a centralized structure called the Aristotle’s lantern. The muscles that surround the pentaradial lantern include paired and unpaired muscle groups. ...
  • The Association Between Fracking and Crime Rates in U.S. Counties 

    Campbell, Jackson; Tan, Chengyuan; Shapard, William (University of the South, 2020)
    The natural gas boom in the United States had positive impacts on counties located above these critical shale layers. These positive impacts include potential increases in wages, decreases in unemployment rates, and increases ...
  • The Effect of Spin On The Flight Path of A Baseball 

    Werner, Andrew (University of the South, 2020)
    This study is performed to show the effect of spin on the flight path of a baseball. Forces, such as the Magnus and drag, change the trajectory of any spinning object dramatically. Trajectories are also dependent on ...
  • Supreme Green: The Effect of LEED Certification Levels on Net and Gross Lease Rental Rates in Commercial Offices 

    Govett, Chase; Murray, Max; Cook, Jackson (University of the South, 2020)
    LEED certification has generated significant attention from owners and developers in the U.S. commercial real estate sector over the last decade as these entities look to improve the operational efficiency of their buildings ...

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