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    • The Association Between Fracking and Crime Rates in U.S. Counties 

      Campbell, Jackson; Tan, Chengyuan; Shapard, William (University of the South, 2020)
      The natural gas boom in the United States had positive impacts on counties located above these critical shale layers. These positive impacts include potential increases in wages, decreases in unemployment rates, and increases ...
    • Best of the Best: Differentiators in Outcomes of Selective Private Business Schools 

      Crumly, Jonathan; Barry, Michael; Falk, Carter (University of the South, 2020)
      This study investigates the impact of a variety of factors on outcomes for graduates of elite private business schools in the United States from 2015-2019. Results show that tuition, class size, and age, all have a ...
    • Beta Particles and Internal Conversion 

      Lotz, Christopher (University of the South, 2020)
      Beta particle spectroscopy is and interesting and curious phenomenon, because unlike alpha particles or gamma particles, betas do not have a set energy. The energy is distributed between three particles upon decay. With ...
    • Black Soldier Fly Larvae as a Compost Accelerant 

      Flaig, Gretchen (University of the South, 2020)
      Black Soldier Fly Larvae as a Compost Accelerant Greta Flaig Hemetia illucens, Black soldier fly (BSF), are flies native to Tennessee that can be utilized in a closed-loop, compost accelerant system. In the summer of ...
    • Carryover effects of wastewater treatment reduce anuran success 

      Zeitler, Emma; Cecala, Kristen; McGrath, Deborah (University of the South, 2020)
      Constructed wetlands are a potential solution for wetland mitigation and wastewater treatment due to their ability to simultaneously support native species and provide tertiary wastewater treatment. However, they can expose ...
    • Community Perceptions of Aid to the Informal Economy: A Comparison of Cases in Rural Haiti and Cameroon 

      Leveque, Bernice; Ngo, Crystal; McGrath, Deborah; Monteil, Marc (University of the South, 2020)
      The informal economy consists of economic activity not regulated nor protected by a state entity. It plays a vital role in reducing unemployment and stimulating the economies of many countries in the Global South. In ...
    • Computational Array of Ferromagnetic Effect “Ising Model” 

      Lee, Minju (University of the South, 2020)
      Using Ising model to compute complex magnetic interaction.
    • Contract Year Phenomenon: NFL Quarterbacks 

      Brodsky, Zachary; Demkowicz, Jared; Kerr, James (University of the South, 2020)
      Athletes may decide, consciously or unconsciously, to perform at their peak capabilities the year preceding their free agency—their contract year—to ensure the greatest opportunity of earning the best possible contract. ...
    • Creating Smoke-free Campuses: A Comprehensive Research Manual for The University of the South 

      Sweetin, Caroline (University of the South, 2020)
      This presentation identifies the existing need for smoke and tobacco-related policies and resources at Sewanee: The University of the South. Research has continued to demonstrate the harmful health effects of using tobacco ...
    • Documenting Victims of War Crimes: Ethical Considerations 

      Straessle, Abby (University of the South, 2020)
      Bombs explode as children scamper to school. Political prisoners escape torture and seek the safety of allies. All the while, Bashar al-Assad holds a death grip on Syria in a last gasp attempt to hold on to power. In the ...
    • Does paying more for a college education produce a higher future wage? 

      Loeb, Hayden; Kunkel, Margaret; Brennan, Harriet (University of the South, 2020)
      Have you ever wondered if investing more of your time and money to attend a more prestigious institution makes for a better financial future? Our paper examines the long-term effects of college qualities on earnings of ...
    • Donation After Cardiac Death Liver Transplant with Steatotic Livers 

      Piatt, Jacob; Taner, C. Burcin; Mao, Shennen; Croome, Kristopher P. (University of the South, 2020)
      Background: The obesity epidemic has led to an increase in the frequency with which steatotic donor livers are encountered. The usage of steatotic livers from DCD donors has generally been avoided due to the potential for ...
    • The Economic Implications of Mexican Immigration in the United States 

      Sherrill, Annie; Shetler, David; Baker, Nicholas (University of the South, 2020)
      The Trump administration has put immigration reform at the forefront of its 2016 agenda. To protect American workers, this reform has reduced the number of Mexican Immigrants allowed into the United States. The purpose ...
    • The Effect of Age Dependency Ratios on Economic Growth 

      Acuff, Cameron; Oliver, Tommy (University of the South, 2020)
      In this paper, we study the effect of the Age Dependency Ratio of a country on that country’s economic growth using panel data regressed from 24 member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development ...
    • Effect of neurotransmitter antagonists on the sea urchin righting response and tube foot motility 

      McDonald, Morgan; Griffin, Natalie Paige; Shelley, Christopher (University of the South, 2020)
      The purple sea urchin, Strongylocentrotus purpuratus, has been extensively studied for its developmental and reproductive characteristics, but knowledge regarding the neurobiology of the adult sea urchin is lacking. ...
    • The Effect of Presidential Political Affiliation on Economic Conditions in the U.S. 

      Sipila, Alpo; Hawthorne, Dane (University of the South, 2020)
      The goal of this research is to examine the effect of presidential political affiliation on economic conditions in the US. Previous studies focus extensively on the effect of political affiliation on the stock market. We ...
    • The Effect of Spin On The Flight Path of A Baseball 

      Werner, Andrew (University of the South, 2020)
      This study is performed to show the effect of spin on the flight path of a baseball. Forces, such as the Magnus and drag, change the trajectory of any spinning object dramatically. Trajectories are also dependent on ...
    • The Effects of County Characteristics on Per-Pupil Lottery Expenditure: Georgia 

      Hochhausler, Jacob; Freibert, Andrew (University of the South, 2020)
      In 1993, the State of Georgia passed the Lottery for Education Act. This allowed Georgia to legalize gambling in the form of a lottery program and increase education expenditure with the profit earned from this program. ...
    • The Effects of Education on Unemployment 

      Chan, Wen Hao; Vaughn, Abbie (University of the South, 2020)
      This is a poster for our Economics thesis by Eddie Chan and Abbie Vaughn on the effects of education on unemployment
    • The Effects of Necroptosis in Bone Marrow Inflammation in Mouse Models of Myelodysplastic Syndromes 

      Green, Emily; Dugger, Teresa; Hassan, Yuliya; Ramos-Narváez, Michelle; Zinkel, Sandra (University of the South, 2020)
      Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) are a group of conditions that result when blood-forming cells in the bone marrow function abnormally and result in low numbers of one or more types of blood cells. MDS is a form of blood ...