Recent Submissions

  • Too Tall to Be a Hobbit, Too Short to Be an Elf 

    Lynch, Christy (University of the South, 2022)
    What follows is a memoir of obsession, escapism, and the Lord of the Rings. For the first two decades of my life, I was fanatically religious. My interests, opinions, and desires were all determined by the fundamentalist ...
  • Water Music: Stories 

    Clay Shanahan, Lisa (University of the South, 2022)
    Characters confront pivotal moments, their lives and times defined by flux, in “Water Music,” a collection of short fiction. A visitor arrives, inciting change: a betrayal, a ghost, a violent act, a suicide plan, destruction ...
  • Something Left Behind 

    Woolwine, Patricia (University of the South, 2022)
    A collection of poetry that explores what is left behind as one goes through the process of grief: The story of a personal loss and the journey from the beginning lost days to hope.