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    • Five Parties 

      Marks, Sam (University of the South, 2018)
      “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” --James Arthur Baldwin How is the past dealt with? Or perhaps more aptly not dealt with? In this novella, weighing the ...
    • Role Play and Other Stories 

      Ula, Emily Anderson (University of the South, 2017)
      Role Play and Other Stories navigates the displacement and bi-cultural identity of an Albanian immigrant family. Moments of surprising strength, defiance, and compassion redefine a history marked by despair, misunderstandings, ...
    • Whitman's Self-Prescribed Sounds 

      Ula, Fran (University of the South, 2017)
      Argues Whitman’s journey is a spiritual attempt at expanding the boundaries of self, particularly as illustrated in “Song of Myself” as it contrasts to “Song of Songs.” Further contends Whitman’s poetic experimentation is ...