Recent Submissions

  • Faulkner’s Folly Views on the Future of Race Relations From a “Liberal” Southerner 

    Jones Archibald, Laura (University of the South, 2019-03)
    Scholars agree that William Faulkner’s novels are groundbreaking in their representation of race relations. While Faulkner was indeed ahead of his time, among white writers, in his willingness to confront the atrocities ...
  • Wonderful Suffering 

    Elliott, Alissa (University of the South, 2019)
    When I began the MFA program at the Sewanee School of Letters, I wasn’t sure which genre I would write in, but I knew what story I wanted to tell. I was struggling through the onset of Bipolar II as a college sophomore ...
  • Searches for Truth in the Age of Lies 

    Hight, Gordon (University of the South, 2019)
    As rapidly as technology has spurred the creation, assimilation, and distribution of information, so too have Americans grown more polarized, more apt to choose ideology over facts, and more resistant to constructive ...
  • Shifting 

    Singletary, Ione Michele (University of the South, 2019)
    This collection of poems is about love and loss. It spans over 35 years, from the death of my father to the death of my mother 33 years later, and much in between. As I age and experience more and more loss, I have learned ...
  • How Travel Informed the Artistry of James Merrill's Early-and-Middle-Period Poetry 

    Daniels, Forrest Leonard III (University of the South, 2019-08)
    From a very young age, James Merrill sought out and decided on a path in his personal and professional life that was purely individualistic. Beginning with his strained relationship with his father, Charles E. Merrill, the ...
  • Weeds 

    Snyder, Dorothy Potter (University of the South, 2019-05)
    Weeds is an eclectic collection of first stories, a kind of sampler like the old-fashioned flower-bordered alphabets young women once embroidered as demonstrations of their needlework. The present sampler, however, is ...
  • Inselberg 

    Kesler, Jason (University of the South, 2019-05)