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    • Water-Soluble, Monolayer-Protected Quantum Dots 

      Miles, Deon; Giesen, Joseph A.; Henry, Elizabeth M.; Dale, April D.; Borchardt, Adrienne C. (2010-04-15)
    • Waterways Brought into Compliance by the Clean Water Act 

      Hughes, Rebecca; Elrod, Dr. Aaron; Torreano, Dr. Scott (University of the South, 2022-04-22)
      The Clean Water Act (CWA) was established in 1972 to regulate the discharge of pollutants into the waters of the United States (EPA). Past research on the CWA has tried to study certain aspects of the legislation, but few ...
    • Wet savanna restoration through harvest and burning 

      Frye, Will; King, Bennett; Zehr, Andrew (University of the South, 2013-04)
      This study took place on a 10-acre tract of mixed hardwood and grassland adjacent to the Sewanee airport located in Franklin Co., TN. The objective of this study was to use harvesting and fire as a management tool to ...
    • White Pine Invasion of Woodlands: Competitive Displacement or "Empty-Niche" Colonization? 

      Schutt, Drake; Williams, Daniel (University of the South, 2013-04)
      Following the removal of white pine, native hardwoods may either re-colonize the niches formerly occupied by the white pine or the hardwoods may be unable to exploit the resources necessary to replace them. Although other ...
    • Why Women Don't Run for Office 

      Pearson, Jonesia (University of the South, 2013-04-24)
      Since the evolution of women’s rights and social movements, there has been an increase in the number of political scholars exploring the role gender plays in politics. Many researchers’ studies have been motivated by the ...
    • The Women of Viennese Musical Modernism 

      Michalik, Jana; Belshaw, Alice; Dr. Kerry Ginger (University of the South, 2021-05-07)
      The celebrated composers of music’s Second Viennese School (circa 1905-1935) undoubtedly had connections to female associates, including musical colleagues and students, but the mainstream historical narrative is oddly ...
    • Yellow Boy Drainage in Sewanee, Tennessee 

      Buist-Baker, Senemeh; Bui, Thao; Stuart, Meghan; Evans, John; Van de Ven, Chris (University of the South, 2011-04-29)
      Yellow boy forms from iron and manganese oxide precipitating out of stream water and occurs naturally in Sewanee, TN in the outlet streams of the Lake Cheston, Lake Dimmick, and Lake O’Donnell dams. Usually yellow boy ...