The Effects of Industrial Real Estate on Residential Real Estate Prices

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Huff, Sam
Donnelly, Max
Burnum, Daniel
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Scholarship Sewanee 2021 , Economics , Residential Real Estate , Commercial Real Estate
Amazon Inc. has been at the forefront of the consistent rise in the development of industrial warehouses and fulfillment centers. This trend has the potential to impact residential real estate values through increased job opportunities, housing demand, or even increased traffic in the area. Previous research has investigated the Amazon effect on housing prices within specific radiuses of fulfillment centers, but never at a larger scale. We study the impact of Amazon fulfilment centers on residential real estate prices at the county level using data from 31 counties with Amazon fulfillment centers and 115 surrounding counties. Using a difference-in-differences model, we find no change in housing prices from the presence of an Amazon fulfillment center. Instead, we find that larger Amazon fulfillment centers reduce the growth rate of housing prices in both the county where the center is located and the surrounding counties.