Black Life at Sewanee in 1950: A Digital Mapping of Residence and Labor

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Abner, Callista
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Scholarship Sewanee 2023 , University of the South , Digital History Project , ArcGis StoryMap , Black History , Sewanee Black History , Sewanee History , Web-Building History Project , Sewanee Black History Map , Census Data Map
This project (link: is a Digital History endeavor that was presented at Scholarship Sewanee 2023 but lives on as a searchable webpage for future scholars and curious observers. The page, created using ArcGis StoryMaps software, is titled "St. Mark's Community, Sewanee, ca. 1950: The black community of the University of the South at the height of racism and inequities in housing and labor." It examines and visualizes the ways in which labor relationships and social structures reinforced a racial hierarchy in Sewanee. It contains maps, one of which is the first of its kind, that provide a glimpse into the lives of the many people of color who lived and labored upon the Mountain around the year 1950.