Optimization of Oxidative Desulfurization: Using a film-shear to achieve ultra-low sulfur levels in diesel fuel

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Dauer, Helen
Fox, Brandy R.
Tyler, David R.
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clean fuels , sulfur removal
A major focus of clean-fuels research involves the removal of sulfur contaminants from diesel jet fuel. Oxidative desulfurization with aqueous hydrogen peroxide as the oxidizing agent is one possible method of sulfur removal. Although this method is successful in removing recalcitrant sulfur compounds, it requires elevated temperatures, extended reaction times and mixing of the aqueous oxidizing agent and organic fuel. A film-shear spinning disc reactor can be used to improve these reaction conditions. In this research the reactor was shown to successfully oxidize two sulfur-containing compounds found in diesel fuel:2-methylbenzothiophene and 4,60dimethylbenzothiophene. Tow thiophenes know to be major contaminants of jet fuel:2,3-dimethylthiopehene and 2,3,7-trimethylbenzothiophene, were also oxidized by the reactor.