The Old Testament Shaping the Book of Revelation

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Mweningoma, Jean Berchmans
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University of the South , School of Theology , Old Testament , Book of Revelation , School of Theology 2021
It would be inadequate to read the book of Revelation without considering the Old Testament traditions that influenced its content. As Revelation contains more Old Testament allusions than the rest of New Testament books, this work is a contribution to indicating that the author of Revelation used the Old Testament texts to shape this book. The present work begins with some generalities that should orient the reader to discover the relationship between the perspective of Revelation and that of Old Testament texts to which the author of Revelation alluded. The work proceeds by indicating that the author of Revelation intentionally used the Old Testament materials by recontextualizing them for his audience through thematic, analogical, universalization, indirect fulfillment, and solecisms uses, in a way that proves the author's sense of creativity. To end, this work analyzes Rev. 21 •.1-8 and its use of Second Isaiah, which shows that the language and the perspective of this pericope relate to the traditions of Second Isaiah in multiple ways. In short, as this work demonstrates, the general setting of Revelation, the specific uses of Old Testament allusions, and the comparison of Rev. 21:1-8 with Second Isaiah should lead the reader of Revelation to recognize that the composition of Revelation was shaped by various Old Testament traditions.