The Impact of Casinos on a County's Crime Rates

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Maloney, Callie
Griffin, Bennett
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Scholarship Sewanee 2022 , University of the South , Economics , Econometrics , Senior Thesis , Casinos , Gambling , Crime Rates
Since the mid-nineties, eighteen states have passed laws that allow traditional casino establishments within specific, if not all, counties. Although several economic benefits are associated with the casino industry, many researchers believe a strong link exists between this business and increasing crime rates. Given the range of crimes that are believed to result from the establishment of casinos, the effect of this industry on surrounding counties and states is often overlooked. This paper addresses this concern and investigates the casino industry’s impact on property, violent, and burglary crime rates in counties that host casinos or are located within a 50-mile radius of one. Results from the analysis indicate no statistically significant effect of the casino industry on crime rates at the county level.