C.caretta Nesting Habitat and Hatch Rate Success

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Wakefield, Katie
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Scholarship Sewanee 2013 , University of the South , C.caretta , nesting habitat , hatch rate success , Sea turtles , St. Catherine's Island, Georgia
Because the beaches of St. Catherines Island, Georgia are not manipulated and maintained like beaches of tourist destinations, the loggerhead sea turtles that come to nest on this island have to contend with a relatively dynamic coastline. The number of turtle nests being deposited on the beaches of St. Catherines has increased over the last decade, but since approximately 70% are found in unsuitable locations every summer, they must be relocated to areas where they have a better chance of survival. By comparing the in situ nest hatch rate successes and relocated nest hatch rate successes in 2006 and 2012, I determined the extent to which relocating nests alters the success rate of the clutch for these two years. This information will aid in the defining of suitable nesting habitat for the turtles and determine if there is any significant difference in the success rates of nests left in their original location and nests that have been relocated.