Mindfulness-based social and emotional programs in schools: developmental, educational, and curricular components

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Reid, Madison
Murphy, Chanda
Temple, Nancy
Reeves, Tegan
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Scholarship Sewanee 2022 , University of the South , Mindfulness , Early Childhood , Childhood Development , Social-Emotional Learning
Mindfulness-based social and emotional learning programs are associated with a variety of beneficial outcomes for children. However, there is a lack of knowledge about the appropriate age of delivery or what implementation may cost a school. This review outlines current SEL programming focused on developmental and curricular components. 102 articles met our inclusion criteria review and were coded and categorized for abstraction. Findings in three categories study population, curricular intervention, and outcomes suggest current curricula are not developmentally appropriate and schools take on a heavy resource load for implementation. The current review supports a shift in mindfulness-based social and emotional learning programs toward early education models, specifically with the potential for unstructured easy-to-use activities and technology.