Organic Gardening at Sewanee

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Jones, Arden
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Scholarship Sewanee 2011 , University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee , Undergraduate research , Soils , Gardening , Student gardening , Community gardening , Soils and Cultivation Class , Old Farm Road, Sewanee, Tennessee
Sewanee’s community garden was cleared for agriculture in 1898. The 2011 Soils and Cultivation class utilized the garden’s student section this spring, and after clearing overgrowth and establishing raised beds, organic fertilizer was added to each plot on an individual basis. Prior to bed construction, mulch application, and fertilization, our soil analyses revealed an average soil depth of 105 cm and 6.6 pH level. Macronutrient concentrations averaged 116.0, 173.4, 124.4, and 2088.6 ppm for P, K, Mg, and Ca, respectively (0-10cm depths). Soil temperature averaged 3.1, 6.1, and 12.3° C for January, February, and March, respectively. Approximately 20 vegetables were seeded in the greenhouse in February. Transplant and direct seeding occurred on March 23rd, after the last frost. Interest in expanding the University’s garden system prompted additional soil analyses in areas near Old Farm Road. The surface soils adjacent to the barn had a pH of 6.2, and P, K, Mg, and Ca values of 61.0, 128.3, 103.8, and 1608.0 ppm, respectively.