Southern History Oral Project-Kaleb Seay (Narrator: Erika Seay)

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Seay, Kaleb
Bowers, Decorian
Lasseter, John Luke
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Recording, oral
Black Lives Matter , Black Lives Matter Movement , Social Media , Nashville, Tennessee , Sewanee, Tennessee , Dothan, Alabama , African American , Black
John Luke Lasseter (JL) was born in Dothan, Alabama, but his family currently resided in Ashford, Alabama. John Luke currently attends the University of the South: Sewanee. He is in his third year, and is looking to obtain his undergraduate degree in Economics. What made this interview special was being able to see John Luke open up and try to give insight into the Black Lives Matter movement. Everyone else I have had the chance to interview is a person of color, but I thought it would be special to see a white person from Alabama’s opinion on the matter. Although JL made it clear that he can’t relate to a black person, he said that he stands with the movement and makes an effort to understand the situation blacks are in in America. It was special to hear JL compare his high school’s reaction while also hearing his hometown’s reaction. With his high school being predominantly black he says that voices were loud and he got to see and understand a situation that most white people don’t get to. He compares it to the response of his hometown which was all lives matter, blue lives matter, etc. He talks about how he felt about the response “All Lives Matter” and gives us insight on why his opinion was his opinion. John Luke allowed listeners to hear from the perspective of white America allowing us to educate and bridge the gap between races. Both people I consider my best friends got together to provide dialogue from two different backgrounds on a movement that is present today.