An Exploration of the Influence of Prophetic Leadership and Preaching in the Bahamas: A Postcolonial Perspective

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Ferguson, Ethan
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School of Theology Thesis 2024 , University of the South , School of Theology , Bahamas , Preaching , Leadership
The purpose of this thesis is to explore the spiritual revolution which materialized in prophetic leadership and preaching developing the consciousness necessary for Bahamian independence to be achieved. This work surveys the historical realities of the Bahamas, highlighting its oppressive and unjust structures and the need for change. The review of literature discusses the theological and hermeneutical framework through which change agents and prophetic exemplars functioned, knowingly and unknowingly. It marries the theoretical understanding of prophetic discourse with its practical and contextual function. With the use of exemplars, prophetic leadership and rhetoric is posited as transformative within the postcolonial context of the Bahamas, especially in the era leading up to its independence from the British empire. As the church functions prophetically through her involvement, activism and counsel, its theology of liberation permeates the political enterprise and empowers the movement towards freedom and justice. In conclusion, there is an offering of sermons that reflection the importance of prophetic rhetoric and discourse contextualized within our postmodern society. As there is no substitute for good preaching, there is no substitute for a prophetic and postcolonial hermeneutic in our world today.