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  • In Defense of Communicating God's Word: Conversational Preaching 

    Sowards, William Michael (University of the South, 2017-03)
    The preacher as a communicator of God’s Word and a conveyer of things Holy was the premise that began this work. If someone is called by God to this awesome vocation, then the need to develop skills and tools to be proficient ...
  • College of Arts and Sciences Catalog and Announcements 2015-16 

    Unknown author (University of the South, 2015)
  • Test 

    Unknown author (2016)
  • Lena in Lent and Other Stories 

    Karns, Janet Patterson (University of the South, 2016-05)
    “Lena in Lent and Other Stories,” a collection of eight pieces of short fiction, explores ideas of desire, agency, obligation, faith, isolation, and community. The first four stories in the collection, the Lena stories, ...
  • "Worthy of th'heroic dead": Gratitude, Memory, and Local Action in a Grieving Britain 

    Prehn, Daniel K.M. (University of the South, 2016-04-25)
    Remembrance both haunts and supports a community. A form of preservation, the process of remembrance requires both collaboration and clear objectives: more specifically, what emotions should future generations inherit? In ...
  • The Franco-Prussian War: Its Impact on France and Germany, 1870-1914 

    Murray, Emily (University of the South, 2016-04-11)
    Historian Niall Ferguson introduced his seminal work on the twentieth century by posing the question “Megalomaniacs may order men to invade Russia, but why do the men obey?” He then sought to answer this question over the ...
  • From Piety to Reflection: The Purpose of Primers in Late Tudor England 

    Stokes, William (University of the South, 2016-04-22)
    The story of the 16th century was one of major changes for the English nation. On a national level, English government changed and yielded a more centralized and controlling state. On a cultural level, English society began ...
  • Introduction: Quentin Tarantino and the Commodiofication of Independent Cinema 

    Lampley, Peter (University of the South, 2016-05)
    In 1992, the debut film of a little known writer/director out of Manhattan Beach rocked the Sundance film festival, quickly becoming the most talked about independent film of the year despite relatively modest success at ...
  • Being Good Stewards in Every Aspect of our Community 

    Melton, Brent (University of the South, 2016-05)
    I think that much work needs to be done in the area of complete stewardship. That is to think of Stewardship besides just in the financial aspect. I have found the very word stewardship is still very uncomfortable for many ...
  • Film Narratives in Preaching 

    Hinds, Eric Kimball (University of the South, 2016-05)
    This project challenges the assertion that sermon illustrations should be pared down to the shortest length possible. In a controlled study of 100 sermon listeners, film narratives that ranged between two to five minutes ...
  • Critique of Penal Substitution Atonement Theory and Its Influence on the American Death Penalty 

    Shippen, Joseph Jenkins II (University of the South, 2016-05)
    This thesis examines Christian atonement theology and how it relates to the American prison system, especially the death penalty. In particular, it explores the ways that penal substitution theory has influenced the ...
  • Towards Spiritual Formation Model of Clinical Pastoral Education 

    Ronaldi, Lynn Petrie (University of the South, 2016-05)
    Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) traditionally applies the disciplines of psychology, education, and supervisory theory to raise into consciousness students’ inner landscapes and help form them as persons and pastors. ...

    Pigg, Daniel Farris (University of the South, 2016-05)
    Without question, the book of Ecclesiastes is one of the most unusual books in the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible. Noted for its skepticism about life, knowledge, wisdom, and a host of other topics, Ecclesiastes has been ...

    Sorvillio, James A., Sr. (University of the South, 2016-05)
    This project set out to identify a process of triage, recovery, and reconciliation for congregations that have experienced dysfunctional behavior by either the clerical leadership of a church or members of the congregation, ...
  • We did it Wrong - The Unexpected Success of Southside Abbey 

    Leopold, Robert Kelly (University of the South, 2016-05)
    This thesis project details the founding and first three years of ministry at Southside Abbey – a nontraditional worshipping community in the Episcopal tradition and a new church start in the Diocese of East Tennessee. ...
  • Nearer God’s Heart: Church Gardening as a Christian Practice 

    Dolan, Pamela (University of the South, 2016-05)
    In March of 2014, my parish broke ground for a church garden we called Shepherd Farm. We chose a 30’ x 90’ plot on the far side of the church building, visible from the road but not taking too much out of our five-acre ...
  • New Monasticism and the Parish: An Examination of the Intersection of Intentional Christian Communities and Congregations 

    Shobe, Robert Casey (University of the South, 2016-05)
    In the early 1970s, the Rev. John Smith was called as rector of a small Episcopal parish in coastal Rhode Island, St. Peter’s by-the-Sea. St. Peter’s was a fairly typical mainline church at that time, with a handsome ...

    Segu, Bartholomew Lucas (University of the South, 2016-05)
    This study analysises the demand for kadhis’ courts in Mainland Tanzania. The controversy of kadhis’ courts is creating conflicts and tensions between some Christians and Muslims and between some Muslims. The Muslim demand ...
  • College of Arts and Sciences Catalog and Announcements 2014-15 

    Unknown author (University of the South, 2014)
  • Literary Insurgency 

    Kennedy, Catherine Louise (University of the South, 2014-06)
    Any reader of Tobias Smollett’s novel Humphry Clinker will notice that, during the expedition, humor seems to exist more consistently and with greater frequency in the sections devoted to England in comparison to the more ...